Please note that as a rule, all our bursaries and scholarships are:-

  • only available to South African citizens and permanent residents
  • for studies at South African public institutions
  • for undergraduate studies only

These are awarded by companies who are aiming to attract potential skilled employees. They are therefore offering a bursary to enable you to complete your studies but you will need to sign a contract in terms of which you undertake to work for the company on graduation. The service commitment is usually on a year for a year basis. Should you not fulfill this obligation you will be obliged to repay the bursary funding, often with interest or administration costs added.

The company will evaluate you as a potential employee so it is important to find out as much as possible about the company, the type of work you will be expected to undertake as well as where their operations are. Do not apply for a company bursary unless you are suited and committed to this work obligation. You will usually be required to complete periods of practical training during your studies.